Hippensteel GEO 600 Project

This map shows the locations of Great Lakes coastal wetlands greater than 4 hectares in size from Saginaw Bay to the western basin of Lake Erie. Census Tracts that fall within 10 kilometers of each wetland are displayed and a natural breaks classification was used to display population distributions. A Python script was developed to calculate the total human population and human population density within a 10 kilometer buffer of each wetland. Both the Census Tracts and the Wetland centroids are interactive, so click away for more information. You can also display wetlands with total human population values in 4 specific ranges, but first you have to check all the boxes in the upper right hand corner and then they can be toggled on and off.

This map was originally made for a final project in the Advanced Cartography class at Central Michigan University. Our goal was to create an interactive map and I wanted to learn about HTML5. This was my first time using HTML and Openlayers so the code could use work at some point.